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SubjectRe: [PATCH] console palette fix
On Sat, 7 Oct 2000, James Simmons wrote:

> > Although this patch is correct, and was accepted in 2.4.*, it creates a
> > secondary problem after applying it - A dark textmode console for some
> > cards, unrelated to the frame buffer mode. An *additional* patch is needed
> > in order to fix it:
> Yes their was this problem with a earlier patch but I was under the
> impression that the most recent patch (below) fixed this problem. Do you
> know which cards have this problem? I like to get a list of them to see
> what could be causing the problem. I believe it is a X server problem. My
> theory is that the problem occurs for video cards whose X servers use the
> gamma ramp. I personally have never seen this problem but if you can tell
> which cards specifically I can get that card and track down the problem.
> Has your patch been tested with all the cards avaliable with this problem?

I've seen the problem on both of my computers with Creative Riva TNT2. On
this card the palette turns darker. On other cards the palette turns to
rubbish or corrupted in another fashionable ways. It's a bug in those
cards - switching to video mode and back to text mode doesn't preserve the
text mode palette so the OS must restore it by itself.

It's not an X server problem, since the problem doesn't appear on 2.2.16
for instance, no mather which X-server you are using. Search lkml archives
for "dark console" you'll see a thread from 2 months ago that discusses
about this problem exactly. Read the console.c of 2.4 - Linus already
patched it this way (your patch and then my patch), so I suggest we do the
same in 2.2.

Dan Aloni

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