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Subjectdisk partition & RAID
I want to setup the RAID.
For this I am partitioning the disks .The following
is the procedure:
fdisk /dev/hde
fdisk -n /dev/hde /*to add new partition*/
I specify the first & last cylinder
fdisk -w /dev/hde /*save & quit*/

when I do so , I get following :
The partition table has been altered!

calling ioctl() to re-read partition table.
hde:unknown partition table

What does this mean?
where am I wrong?

I am creating a /etc/raidtab file for raid
configuration .
Then # mkraid /dev/md0
I get error : device too small(0KB).

Surprisingly, while bootup itself the Partition
check shows :
hde : unknown partition table

what does this mean & how it affects the RAID setup?
hde is the externel disk I am using for RAID setup.

I am not able to post any messages to :linux-raid

with regards,

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