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SubjectRe: Tux 2 patents
jesse wrote:
> IANAL, but I believe that once you've implemented a method in a released
> product, you have only one year to file the patents for it. If you don't
> file patents for it within this time period, it becomes public domain. I
> think it would be possible to invalidate their patents, but I don't think
> it would be possible to get your own patent on it after the fact and refuse
> to let them use it.

Ah, but there is plenty patentable in the current phase tree design,
implemented in Tux2 since early last year. Have you ever seen a
three-root atomic commit before? So if you're right then there is still
time. On the other hand, I've heard that as soon as I disclose it
publicly it's not patentable.

Read 'white hat patent' in all of the above, IOW, GPL-compatible

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