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SubjectRe: Tux 2 patents
"Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
> The patent attorneys at Malinkrodt received the materials Daniel sent
> yesterday on the Tux 2 patents via courier and are working on the
> analysis. They said they would have something for us to post on LKML
> next week.

I'll calm down and work on my magicpoint slides for now.

> Alain Williams wrote:
> >
> > I remember when at the University of Cambridge (in England) about 25 years ago
> > seeing some work then about the Jackdaw (or was is Jackard) database system
> > that had the great feature of being immune to OS crashes, it used a phased
> > update mechanism where new blocks were written to disk and the last block
> > written was the one that contained the switched pointer, until this last block
> > had been written the changes had not been made. Since the write of a disk block
> > was atomic the database would never be corrupt.
> >
> > If someone wants I think that I still have a (paper) copy of the report describing
> > this. I can send/fax a copy if wanted.
> >
> > I don't subscribe to this list, so please reply direct if someone wants it.
> >
> > (Please don't request a copy just out of curiosity since I don't want to have
> > to post/fax copies that won't help resolve this case by showing prior art.)

Of course IANAL but it seems to me, the more similar things we find the
better. I think you have to find essentially all the key ideas
pre-existing in one piece of work to have a good piece of prior art,
it's my understanding. Now of course that sucks, and the whole patent
system sucks, but that's how the game is played. Of course, we have
other options in this case. Naturally, I intend to show exactly what my
prior work was, but I'm waiting to hear words from the lawyer first.

I'm also waiting to hear from NetApp management, publicly or privately.
I know they're aware of this, and have been for some time. We've
already heard from one right-thinking NetApp employee as I'm sure you're
aware. I don't think I should contact NetApp privately, not before I've
had legal advice.

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