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SubjectRe: failure to burn CDs under 2.4.0-test9
In <> "Jeff V. Merkey" <> writes:

>On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 07:55:22AM +0200, Henrik Størner wrote:
>> In <> Christoph Lameter <> writes:
>> >Comparing CD contents with the original after burning showed mismatches 4
>> >times in a row. Booted into linux 2.2.18 and everything is fine.
>> I had quite a few problems burning the Red Hat 7 ISO images while
>> running 2.4.0-test9-pre6. Symptoms were SCSI errors when trying
>> to fixate the session. This happened on two very different systems
>> (one pure SCSI system, the other pure IDE), both running Red Hat 6.2.

>I am seeing this as well. I got around it by setting speed=2. If you
>are using one of the newer R/W CD/DVD drives (which are slower than
>crap, BTW on Linux), you should set the speed manually and try
>progressively slower settings until you find one that works.

Heh - the first drive I saw this on was an old HP IDE drive only
capable of burning at double-speed. The second - a Yamaha SCSI
drive - does support CDRW, but I rarely use it. The Yamaha does
quad-speed, which is what I used when the burn faild.

Haven't had any problems prior to this with these drives running at
their max speed, though. And the same drive burns the same image
just fine while running 2.2.17.

No DVD support on either of the two.
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