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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Support for CS89x0 based PCMCIA cards

> p2 wrote:
> >
> > Hi *,
> >
> > Attached you will find a patch which adds support for CS89x0 base PCMCIA
> > cards such as the IBM EtherJet.
> Great work!
> Did you know that Danilo Beuche has written a Card Services driver for
> this device? An old version of that driver currently resides somewhere
> in the `contrib' area of (sorry, I
> don't have the exact URL - the internet has stopped). His current page
> is at and his driver seems
> fairly current for kernel 2.2.

I knew about the existance of Danilo's driver, but I didn't know there was
a 2.4.x release. As I wanted to use the card under 2.4 and I thought it
would be better to share as much code as possible between drivers for different
cards based on the CS89x0 chipset, I made a driver based on the 2.4.0-test9
CS89x0 driver for ISA cards.

> Could I suggest that you review Danilo's driver against yours? He may
> have additional device support, etc.

Ok. I will do so.

> Once you've done that I'd suggest that we use a common header file
> between the ISA and PCMCIA drivers. I'm open to suggestions on whether
> you think a common .c file is appropriate.

I think it is. Only a small part of the code is busdependant. Improvements
and bug fixes to the common part of the code are automatically available on
all cards if we share this part. The CS89x0 chip is also used on a number of
embedded systems (eg. the Cirrus Logic EP7211 development board). In a
future version support for these implementations could be added easily
if we have a common part. A similar approach is used for the PCMCIA ibm
tokenring driver.

> Unfortunately your work is based on an older version of the 2.4 driver
> and it doesn't include some EEPROM and IRQ work from Jason Gunthorpe.

Ok. I didn't know of the existance of a new version. Where can I find it ?

> More unfortunately, the 2.4.0-test9 cs89x0.c isn't up-to-date. I have a
> few minor changes here which I wasn't planning on submitting until
> post-2.4.0.

I realize my code may not be included in 2.4.0, but I decided to release
it on LKM nonetheless to see if other people are interested.

> I'd also suggest that we ask David Hinds to review your driver - I'm not
> at all familiar with the Card Services interfaces.

Ok. That's fine.

> Anyway, I'll send you the diffs against the current cs89x0.c and we can
> work this off-list a bit, see where it ends up.

Ok. That's fine.

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