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SubjectRe: The case for a standard kernel debugger

Hello Richard,

Part of your analysis is correct. The hooks were designed to take care of
static tracepoints only. That said, dynamic allocation of event IDs was
next on my list and the hooking mechanism would have been modified consequently.

As for "multiple exits registered per hook", if you mean that you can have more
than one function called back for each event, then this is already possible.
The other items you mention such as atomicity and prioritization seem interesting
indeed, although I am not sure what you mean by MP compliant as the only
thing that stops the current generalized hooking mechanism to be MP compliant
is the insertion of correct locks during callback registration.

Please understand that the purpose wasn't to discredit your work, but rather
to stop duplication of work as efforts could be deployed elsewhere. I think
that your work and the work already done on LTT can be brought together in
a way that would profit all. This is what I was hinting to towards the end
of the posting. It was an invitation more than anything else.

Apart from the hooking mechanism, there were other items which I mentioned
that merit discussion, such as the ability to enable dynamic probes to log
events in normal LTT traces or the event-driven state machine engine. Hence,
if you are interested in joining forces to further enhance probing and tracing
capabilities in Linux, I think this would be a good opportunity.

Best regards

Karim wrote:
> Yes, we looked at that and it didn't seem to provide the generality we
> needed - multipe exits registered per hook, ability to arm a set of hooks
> atomically, ability to prioritise dispatching order of a hook exit, MP
> complient. I may be wrong but the Linux Trace Toolkit hooks like like they
> were specifically designed to cater for inserting static tracepoints into
> the kernel.
> Richard Moore - RAS Project Lead - Linux Technology Centre (PISC).
> Office: (+44) (0)1962-817072, Mobile: (+44) (0)7768-298183
> IBM UK Ltd, MP135 Galileo Centre, Hursley Park, Winchester, SO21 2JN, UK

Karim Yaghmour
Operating System Consultant
(Linux kernel, real-time and distributed systems)
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