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SubjectRe: aaaah! complete lockup 2.4.0-test9 SPARC32

> I just had my box completely lock up under 2.4.0-test9. I had insmodded
> the dbri.o audio driver, which for some reason was refusing to work, at
> all. So I rmmodded it, and at that point, the screen flickered once and
> wham, complete lockup, nothing responds at all, no network, no SysRQ,
> anything...Not even an oops printed to the screen.
> Machine:
> SPARCstation 20, 1xTMS390Z55 50MHz SuperSPARC II w/1MB SuperCACHE
> 48MB RAM, about 9G total disk space spanned over 3 drives, TGX...

Short answer: don't use the dbri module :)

It is buggy and requires someone to fix it.

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