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Subject2.2.x NFS service causing routing/networking failures?
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Okay, twice this evening I've seen my 2.2.16-kernel based i586 (K6-2)
machine become ignorant of the utility of eth0. Both times I'd been
playing mp3 audio on another linux box from an NFS volume served by
the machine that went nuts. Up to this point this machine has
stayed up for weeks or months at a time without any internal
"issues" in evidence.

When the failure occurs, the machine becomes unreachable from the
local network although the machine itself stays up nicely. The routing
table looks normal but clearly either the interface itself or some
non visible aspect of routing is hosed. Both times I had to reboot
(and the machine hung trying to shut down NFS service).

This kernel NFS is a new thing to me and is the only thing I can
think to point a finger at. I've never had it compiled in or used it
for anything prior to this.


Joseph N. Hall / Author, Effective Perl Programming /

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