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SubjectRe: v2.4.0test9 NFSv3 server woes Linux-->Solaris
>>>>> " " == David Weinehall <> writes:

> Oh, by the way, is there ANY sane reason whatsoever behind the
> decision that the Linux NFSv3 client in the v2.2.18pre15 kernel
> defaults to wsize = rsize = 1kB and the NFSv3 client in
> v2.4.0test9 defaults to wsize = rsize = 4kB?! Every (?) other
> implementation of NFSv3 defaults to 32kB... At least when
> mounting Solaris NFSv3 server --> Linux NFSv3 client, 32kB
> rsize & wsize works perfectly fine (at least for v2.2.18pre15,
> but I hope that v2.4.0test9 isn't worse in this regard.)

2.4.0-pre9 should default to rsize/wsize == whatever Solaris asks for
(32k in practice). It does on my setup...

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