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SubjectRe: Why does everyone hate gcc 2.95?
Alexander Viro wrote:
> ITYM "cute". As in "cute dancing paperclip". As colourized ls.

Hey, colour ls is _useful_!

> Or --ignore-fail-on-non-empty as rmdir option. Or "let's replace config
> files with directories full of one-liners since packagers can't be arsed
> to learn sed(1)" religion. Sigh...

No, that's because (a) if 99% of packagers use sed in the right way and
one makes a mistake, all the packages are broken; (b) no package manager
I know of lets you mark a file as belonging to a package
(e.g. inetd.conf to inetd) while doing a sed-like update of the skeleton
part of the file, but keeping the changes from other packages.

Now for an example which does it nicely, see GNU Info, `install-info' :-)

-- Jamie
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