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SubjectRe: Phase tree algorithm defined
Date wrote:
> You could enhance you document greatly if you provided a few diagrams to
> illustrate the structure, especially the example file system. I'd suggest
> converting the document to HTML or XML.

I am currently preparing slides for the ALS presentation next week in
Atlanta, and this should be a start. The assembly of the various parts
of the documentation is in progress.

> Also, I'd like to understand how the Phase Tree differs from other tree
> schemes used by files systems, for example the Modified Patricia Tree used
> by HPFS and NTFS.

Um, I haven't got a clue because I don't know anything about the
internals of either of them. Do you have some relevant details you can

> It wasn't quite clear to me how the advantages of
> consistency are obtained, but diagrams might help.

:-( OK, I'll go back into the document and try to make it more clear.

> Richard Moore - RAS Project Lead - Linux Technology Centre (PISC).
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