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Subject[patch] APIC, NMI watchdog support on UP systems

the latest UP-APIC patch against 2.4.0-test9 (upapic-2.4.0-test9-F5), can
be downloaded from:

this one should work on all systems - let me know how it behaves, reports,
suggestions welcome. If any change didnt make it into this patch then
please resubmit, there were major changes.


Changes in F5:

- APIC-enabling namespace-cleanup (Maciej W. Rozycki)

- made APIC, IOAPIC and SMP support a separate config option:

[ ] Symmetric multi-processing support
[ ] APIC and IO-APIC support on uniprocessors (NEW)
[ ] APIC support on uniprocessors (NEW)

because the majority of UP boxes does not need IOAPIC support. This
means that the IOAPIC, APIC and SMP code is cleanly separated. (me)

- reworked the APIC-enabling code and boot order along the suggestion of
Mikael Pettersson, APICs should now be enabled early enough on all
systems. This should also fix the boot problems seen by Prasanna
Narayana. (me)

- new nmi_watchdog=2 setting forces the local-APIC based NMI watchdog
even on IOAPIC systems. Default behavior is to use IOAPIC based NMIs if
an IOAPIC is present, and use the local APIC if not - or turn off the
NMI watchdog if no NMIs can be generated. (me)

- removed superfluous clear_local_APIC() calls. (Maciej W. Rozycki)

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