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SubjectBackporting agpgart to 2.2.x from 2.4.x and VT8601
I have past the last two days trying to backport the 2.4.0 gart code to 2.2.x
and to add support for VIA VT8601. Well, at least I have backport the code and
compile, detect the brigde, and from de docs of the chipset I have see that
is programmed like all other Via chipsets.

But, I have some question to ask about the mm layer and the kernel.

In 2.4.x, there are some funtions or some code to do memory managent totally
different from the original code from 2.2.x, write by Jeff Hartmann have write
for 2.2.x

I would like to ask if these asuption ( and patch) are correct for 2.2.x

The virt_to_page() , in 2.2.x are done accedint directily to mem_mao
structure, and using MR_MAP:
* virt_to_page(pt) mem_map[MAP_NR(pt)]
* I have look to the mem_stat_t for the fields in the strucutere
that works for 2.2.x and 2.4.x. At least , in the gart code,
all fields are present.
* Adapt for the modules sintaxis in 2.2.x
static void __exit agp_cleanup(void)
void cleanup_module(void)
* Add the support for the VIA VT8601 (PCI ID, and configure
with the generic VIA code. It's seem to work.

Hope, I haven't screw anything, but it's have been an interesting explorer of
some of the Linux kernel sources.

I have put the patch in


"There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX.
We don't believe this to be a coincidence." -- Jeremy Anderson
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