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SubjectRe: VM in v2.4.0test9
On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 12:31:13PM -0300, Rik van Riel wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, David Weinehall wrote:
> > Running the included program on a clean v2.4.0test9 kernel I can
> > hang the computer practically in no time. The only other
> > runnning process that can be of interest is dnetc. Running the
> > same on a v2.2.xx kernel will just depleat the memory then kill
> > the offending process, leaving everything nice and dandy.
> Handling out-of-memory in a clean and predictable way is the
> next thing on the feature list. I'll add it RSN (I'm reasonably
> sure now that the current VM features are stable ... time for
> OOM handling).
> > What seems most strange is that the doesn't even get depleated.
> > The machine still answers to SysRq and ping, but nothing else.

I missed out a swap above ("is that the swap doesn't")

> We do that on purpose. This would allow eg. swap-over-nbd
> to send out TCP packets, even though all "normal" allocations
> are blocked on low memory.

Mmmm, still, why doesn't it at least begin to swap?!

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