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Subject2.4 kernel problems on 386
I'm trying to get a linux-2.4.0-test9-pre7 kernel with riel's recent
memory swap patch going on a 386 - swapping problems with the 2.2.15
kernel I was using prompted this.

I'm trying to make it run on a bull netstation, which means using bootp
and etherboot tagged kernels.

When I compile using gcc version 2.95.2, the resultant kernel reboots
the machine each time its starts up - it does not get started. When
I compile using gcc2.7.2.3, the machine just halts, with "Ok, booting
the kernel" staying on the screen.

I am not on the kernel list, so please send me any replies.

I have not at this stage tried to see if any non patched versions of
the kernel will work, nor have I tried to see if the kernel boots on
my Pentium Pro (but could do so with some prompting).


John August

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