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SubjectRe: Why does everyone hate gcc 2.95?
On Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 11:12:24PM -0700, wrote:
> No, better yet,
> what is a good version to use when porting to a new processor (actually
> an old processor)? I've pulled the source to gcc (2.95.2) and binutils
> (2.10) in prep for a port to a new/old machine. If these versions aren't
> good to start from, what versions are and where can I find them?

Those versions surely are not good to start from for doing new ports.
There is almost 2 years of development gone since 2.95 was frozen and many
things have changed, so if you start with 2.95.2, you'll have a hard time
forward porting it to gcc 3.
With binutils it probably does not matter much, but it could be easier to
use CVS as well.

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