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Subjectesound over tcp problem with linux-2.4.0-test[89]
Package: esound
Version: 0.2.19

i've emailed various people about this already, but i've figured out a
couple new things.

basically, when i added ram to my linux-2.4.0-test8 box taking it from
96M to 192M of ram. esd over tcpip started popping, hesitating,
distorting. if i limit the memory at kernel boot to 127M (and no
more) it works fine. also if i convince esd to use unix sockets
(which took a patch and recompile from debian source) it also works
with any my 192M ram. tcp seems broken in stock esound source too.

other people have confirmed this problem.

is this a kernel problem or an esd problem? thank you.

____________________}John Flinchbaugh{______________________
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