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SubjectIntegrating Andre IDE patch into 2.2.18/19 kernel
Hi Alan.

I hope you will consider to integrate Andre IDE patche into the 2.2.18 or
2.2.19 kernel. For Linux to become a successful desktop platform, it needs
better IDE support. Andre has done a tremendous job in getting the IDE
driver support for so many chipsets such as Promise, CMD, VIA, and

Today, most modern motherboards have such integrated Ultra/100 IDE
controllers. This will cause installation problem on most Linux
For example, Red Hat 7.0 cannot be installed on machines that have
onboard Promise 20265 controller.

An experienced user can get around the problem through various methods
such as creating a custom install floppy or using the onboard ATA/66
first for installation. This process can be cumbersome and complicated for
average user. In the end, a lot of the users will not be able to install
successfully on their machines.

The Linux 2.2.x kernel has reached a new level of functionality with the
inclusion of the NFS V3 patch. I hope Andre IDE patch can follow that path.



ASL Inc.

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