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Subject2.4.0-test9: USB-Mouse half recognized

I got an interesting problem with my USB-mouse:
If I boot into runlevel 2 and do a 'cat /dev/input/mouse0' and
move the mouse I got that binary garbage, which shows the mouse
is working.

Then I start X (XFree86 v.:4.01) which starts -- so it sees
something like a "mouse" (otherwise the server will stop
immediately), but I am not able to move the cursor.

Back on the console again I did this cat thing again, and
it doesn't work anymore.

Sometimes after boot, I need not to start X to disable mouse support...

No oops or other logs...

Same configuration works with 2.4.0-test8

modules are:

mousedev 4032 1
usbmouse 1872 0 (unused)
input 3520 0 [mousedev usbmouse]
usb-uhci 21424 0 (unused)
usbcore 50144 0 [usbmouse usb-uhci]

Mouse is: Logitech M-UB48

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance for any help!!!

keep hacking the right site of life ! :-)

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