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Subjectpatch installation
I am installing a RAID patch to my present kernel
which is 2.2.12.
This is the procedure I am following:
1.I get the patch file in /usr/src/linux
2. #patch -p1 < patchfilename

After this is done it asks me something like this:
Already available .
creating a patch file /usr/src/....
And asks me to use Assume -R[n]
what does Assume -R[n] mean , what should I do?

I went further & tried as n , thinking it as normal
It creates a .rej file
I patched some files manually by looking at .rej file
and some were done by patch command.

Now after I do : make bzImage
I get many compilation errors .
Ex: member not avialable in struct

This member & structure are available only in the
patch file, but not in the file which is modified
after the patch & not available in .rej too.

I dont know whats happenning?

with regards,

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