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SubjectRe: test10-pre7
Also, the function remove_duplicates can be written using make rules and
Using functions "foreach" "if" from make and comparison you can easily
a function remove_duplicates in make, no shell involved.
so instead of $(sort) your will have $(remove_duplicates)
written entirely in make.

Peter Samuelson wrote:

> [Vladislav Malyshkin <>]
> > You can easily remove duplicates in object files without sorting.
> > You can just use a shell written function.
> This is true. That was something I forgot to mention. I have looked
> at that as well, and it strikes me as even more of a hack than the
> solutions I mentioned: it is yet another external shell process for
> each invocation of Rules.make (ie each directory). As I said before,
> though, one man's hack is another man's clean design, so whatever.
> Your function is rather long; try this one instead (untested):
> remove_duplicates () {
> str='';
> for i; do
> case "$str " in *" $i "*) ;; *) str="$str $i" ;; esac
> done
> echo "$str"
> }
> I still think anything outside the makefiles that's needed to organize
> the build process is a hack. That includes scripts/ (yes, I
> do have a scheme to get rid of it) and 2.2.18 scripts/kwhich (yes, I
> did propose a working alternative). It doesn't include scripts/mkdep.c
> (which must do a lot of work as efficiently as possible),
> scripts/Configure et al (which are really standalone programs), or
> scripts/split-include.c (which is really a continuation of Configure).
> Peter

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