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Subjectoopsen in 2.4.0-pre9
Several oops come up when using a lot of memory (using
imagemagick on PIA00001.tif from,
on a 64MB machine, for example)

The weird thing is the oops happen *after* I've finished with
imagemagick (or the gimp, or ...). In this particular situation
netscape suddenly died, together with wmtime, and then the whole
of X hung. I entered via the network, to find that xfs had died
(explaining X's hanging), and as soon as I restarted X the whole
box was gone. It still responded to pings, but even the active
ssh session was dead and I couldn't get a new one.

Please email me if you need anything else (other than the
attached ksymoops output, that is).

John Lenton ( -- Random fortune:
1 + 1 = 3, for large values of 1.
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