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SubjectRe: eepro100: card reports no resources [was VM-global...]

I've not been paying attention to this eepro100 issue but
a coworker mentions that she saw a driver (or patch) posted
here back around 6 Sep 2000 by with
Subject: "Re: eepro100 trouble" that might be of interest.

Also, here's a possibly useless personal note WRT the
eepro100 resource msgs, FWIW: I was recently using remote
KGDB to work on an unrelated problem on an MP Pentium
box with integrated eepro100. Whenever I'd leave one CPU
stopped in the kernel debugger for a very long time I'd
get those "no resource" messages from (I believe it was)
the Enet driver when I finally allowed that CPU to continue
running. I never noticed any other ill effects though
I wasn't looking too hard for them at the time. I don't
know what caused those resource messages but the version of
KGDB I was using was not clueful about MP issues - while
that one CPU was breakpointed the other CPU was likely
only held in check as a side-effect, probably by being
prevented from acquiring one of the IRQ-related spinlocks.

Of course, it would probably only be notable if some kind
of resource exhaustion did NOT result from such locking
misbehavior, but it seemed worth at least a mention...

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