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SubjectRe: Linux-2.4.0-test10
> Ok, test10-final is out there now. This has no _known_ bugs that I
> consider show-stoppers, for what it's worth.

The fact power management even handling is completely broken and crashes
on unfortunately timed module unloads doesnt count ?

More importantly has the bug when you can use the proc/self/mem trick with read
to crash machines as any user via svgalib stuff been fixed ?

Has the O_SYNC stuff been fixed so that more than ext2 honours this
flag ?
What about the fact anyone can crash a box using ioctls on net
devices and waiting for an unload - was this fixed ?

Less Critical:
Does autofs4 work yet
Why haven't you merged irda changes people have been sending for months which mean irda in 2.4test doesnt work ?
Making ramfs work seems to not be merged

Ok so Im always on the more conservative side but the large collection of
'fixe exists isnt merged' and those 4 or 5 other issues to me count as at the
very least alarm bells.

But I have to admit it seems close to 2.4.0. Its stayed up a lot better than
I expected under load once I fixed the scsi one


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