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SubjectRe: Hardware APM suspend
> Question - is hardware APM suspend supported in any current available
> kernel/apmd? I ask this because when I press the power button on my
> computer, which is supposed to do a hardware suspend (according to my
> BIOS) and I'm in X, the screen basically turns to garbage and I can't do
> anything except reset/poweroff my computer.

It is the job of the APM BIOS to correctly restore the display. Needless to
say since the average BIOS writer has trouble with simple int calls they don't
have a chance here, especially non laptop.

XFree 4.0 apparently has some APM awareness and may help. If not then the apmd
user stuff has helpful aids that worked for me on some Dell horror I borrowed

On Red Hat you can edit /etc/sysconfig/apmd and add


this will set the apmd scripts up to switch back to the text console on


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