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SubjectRe: changed section attributes
Keith Owens wrote:
> >Changing the declaration in linux/module.h to ".modinfo,"a""
> >fixed the problem, but i noticed that the author said that
> >"we want .modinfo to not be allocated"
> Historically that was the only way of preventing the .modinfo section
> from being included in modules when they were loaded into the kernel.
> An alternative is to allow .modinfo to be allocated and have modutils
> treat it as non-allocated. This feature was added to modutils 2.3.19
> on October 22 (bleeding edge toolchains for IA64 are "fun") so anybody
> who is annoyed by the warning messages can apply this patch.


> -/* The attributes of a section are set the first time the section is
> - seen; we want .modinfo to not be allocated. */
> -
> -__asm__(".section .modinfo\n\t.previous");
> -
> /* Define the module variable, and usage macros. */
> extern struct module __this_module;

This is exactly what i did (excluding removing of the comment ;-)

I wonder why the compiler decides to add ".section
May be this is the thing which should be fixed.

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