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    SubjectRe: test10-pre7

    > I was going to ask to what extent we genuinely need sorting, and if
    > we might be better off trying to eliminate that need as much as
    > possible.

    We don't need sorting. We need removing of duplicates. The GNU make
    sort function removes duplicates as a side effect, which is why we want
    to use it.

    As has been discussed, there are lots of ways to remove duplicates.
    You can spawn a shell script, you can keep track of each "common" file
    with a tristate make variable, you can play with deeply nested if
    statements, and rumor has it you may be able to write a custom GNU make
    function (though I have doubts, as I have tried this before and
    couldn't get anything to work).

    To Keith, Michael and me, the cleanest way to remove duplicates is
    $(sort). Since some object files must *not* be sorted, we came up with
    a simple, readable way to declare that certain things had to come in a
    certain order -- the idea being that most of the time it would not be
    needed. Linus disagrees that our solution is simple, readable or
    otherwise desirable. That's basically the whole issue in a nutshell.

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