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SubjectRE: USB Printer, in 2.4.0-test9

Can you try the USB printer driver in 2.4.0-test10 and
let me know if it works for you? [It works for me.]

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> Strange things here.
> I'm testing out 2.4.0-test9 kernel with USB, (reiserfs built in, but,
> hopefully this has nothing to do with it).
> Hardware is a 440FX Dual PPro200/Natoma + 82371SB PIIX3/USB.
> Printer: HP DeskJet 880C USB/Parallel
> Mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse with Intellieye USB
> Other stuff: Belkin "Macintosh" USB hub
> Symptoms:
> USB Mouse appears to work totally fine.
> USB Printer will print a few bytes, and suddenly print garbage
> (bitmap/pcl). I tried printing out some plain text and it's
> - corrupting random bytes of data. The general structure of bytes are
> still there, but the resultant printout is gibberish.
> (source print file
> is a text file printed via "cat file >/dev/usblp0" (which is device
> 180,0))
> I get a bunch of form feeds too but it continues to print a
> few characters
> fine and some that are totally wrong. It looks like it's
> corrupting about
> 5% of the characters, including some high bit 7 characters.
> Any ideas what's going on, and is this repeatable by anyone else? Bad
> hardware? This SMP box only supports one form of the MPS, and I'm not
> sure how to tell the difference... I also tried using the
> printer w/o the hub, and same results...

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