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SubjectRe: Need info on the use of certain datastructures and the first C++ keyword patch for 2.2.17
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From: "Alan Cox" <>
To: "Linux Kernel Developer" <>
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Sent: Monday, October 30, 2000 8:04 AM
Subject: Re: Need info on the use of certain datastructures and the first
C++ keyword patch for 2.2.17

> > js_dev::new. My questions are basically this. If I update these data
> > structure members' names along with the references to them in various C
> > files in the kernel will all be happy in Linuxland. Can any external
> That may well be a problem. Also the use of private.
> You may find that creating your own wrappers for these files that do
> extern "C" {
> #define new new_
> #define private private_
> #include <linux/foo.h>
> #undef new
> #undef private
> }
> safer, since you won't break anything

That was one of the two possible solutions I was looking at initially.
Having for example a module.hpp header file alongside module.h which did the
extern "C" {} wrapper along with the #define new lk_new, etc. Actually that
would be an easier task for me as I could easily write a Perl script which
automatically built that for any kernel. However from the responses I
gathered at the time it was mostly recommended against. I am also leary at
that option as some variable (and function?) names would differ when used in
either a C or C++ program and also after having seeing the horror Palm did
with defines in their SDK.

Perhaps this is what I should do. Continue making the straitforward
fixes that will not break anything and incorporate that into my main patch.
Fixes for situations such as the one I encountered in those 3 data
structures I will put into a separate patch for testing to see if the change
affects anybody. If those modifications happen prove unwise then for those
rare cases do the .hpp option on those header files.

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