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SubjectUDMA/66 Data Corruption on SiS530

Recently, when trying to use UDMA/66 on my SiS 530 and
WD84AA, I got some data corruption. At first, I tried
with "UDMA Enabled" set to off in the BIOS, because I
had known this to previously cause problems. However,
like this, I couldn't set the harddrive to use UDMA
mode4 (-X68). I would set it, it would appear
successful, check with hdparm -i, and it would still
say mode2. Additionally, there was no speed increase
after the -X68.

Before, on a 40-conductor cable, I was getting 11MB/s
with hdparm -t . I bought an 80-conductor cable
today, and saw no speed improvement in mode2, which is
the only mode I can set it to. Something that striked
me as odd about the cable, though, is that the red
wire was broken between the Drive 1 socket and the
Drive 0 socket. Is this to differentiate the two?

Anyway, what's interesting is what happens after I
turned "UDMA Enabled" on in the BIOS. Upon booting,
everything appeared normal until just before X
started. At this point, I got a

dma_intr: hda: status=0x58 { DriveReady SeekComplete
error=0x0 { }

I'm not sure about the numbers, but I am sure about
the texts. The drive said there was an error, but no
error was set. After fooling around with hdparm
(setting the drive to -X68, timing it, etc) I got a
few more identical errors. Then, I started getting
errors from EXT3-fs regarding invalid/corrupt data.
This concerned me, so I tried a "shutdown -r now", but
to no avail. I instead did a SysRq
Sync-Unmount-reBoot. Upon rebooting, I could no
longer mount my root fs due to "Invalid track type or
session number," or something to that effect. I tried
using e2fsck, but I can't find a valid superblock on
the root partition. Other partitions on the drive
remain intact, however.

If anyone can shed any light on this problem, it would
be much appreciated. I wonder whether this is a linux
bug, or a hardware problem, and if a hardware problem, where?

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