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SubjectRe: / on ramfs, possible?
In article <>,
Anders Eriksson <> wrote:
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>I want my / to be a ramfs filesystem. I intend to populate it from an
>initrd image, and then remount / as the ramfs filesystem. Is that at
>all possible? The way I see it the kernel requires / on a device
>(major,minor) or nfs.
>Am I out of luck using ramfs as /? If it's easy to fix, how do I fix it?

Yes it works.

You will need pivot_root.

Something like the following at the end of your initrd /linuxrc script
should mount your ramfs, copy the existing root fs files to it, pivot
and unmount your old root. YMMV

mkdir -p /ramfs /ram1
mount -t ramfs /ramfs /ramfs
find / | sed '/^\/ramfs/d;/^\/proc\/.*/d' | cpio -pdmV /ramfs
cd /ramfs
pivot_root . ram1
exec chroot . sh -c 'umount /ram1; exit' < dev/console >dev/console

BTW has anyone thought of writing a small utility to emulate df for ramfs?

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