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Subjecttrouble with apm on dell latitude cs in 2.2.1[67]

I've recently upgraded a latitude cs running redhat 6.2 on 2.2.14 with
card services v3.1.14 to 2.2.17 with card services v3.1.21. Immediately
I noticed that suspend/resume was broken. Well, suspend was working fine
but when I raised the lid, the system would come back like normal, then
the HD drive light would go solid and a few seconds later the system
would lock hard. No oops or any other indicators. I tried tailing the
/var/log/messages file (starting before the suspend), but this revealed
nothing at first. After about 5 tries I managed to elicit one error
in the log:

"hda: timeout waiting for DMA"

but this message did not show up consistently. I tried backing down to
2.2.16 in case it was a recent bug and then also tried backing up to a
previous version of card services, but none of this helps. Unless I go
back to 2.2.14, this system will lock hard on a resume about 7-10 seconds
after I raise the lid.

Lacking any other kernel debugging skills, I compiled sysrq into the kernel
hoping to get something more useful for the list. Although 'showkey -s'
does generate 0x54 codes, pressing alt-sysrq-<key> yields nothing in the
kernel I just built it into (2.2.17).

One another kernel note, I cannot get the 2.4.0-test9/10 kernels to boot
on this machine. After lilo, it says:

"Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel."

then the machine hangs solid. It is not recoverable via alt-ctrl-del.
I have to hold the power button until the machine cycles. I have no data
for earlier 2.4.0 kernels.

What else can I do to debug this and what other info will help in
identifying the problem?



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