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SubjectRe: Q: ip_masq module for battlecom?
Good evening, Gerhard,

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, Gerhard Fuellgrabe wrote:

> in my LAN there are users working on (Starcraft,
> Diablo2 etc.). There is a Linux 2.2.14 box routing the LAN
> with private IP addresses to the internet (with IP masqerading).
> A feature that does not work is the battlecom communication.
> Is there an ip_masq module available for this (like e.g.
> ipv4/ip_masq_cuseeme.o or ipv4/ip_masq_quake.o) or is anybody
> working on this?

See the "Application Support" link at for
information about specific applications under masquerading.
Future questions about masquerade support should go to the
ip-masq mailing list; info on that list can also be found at the above
Best of luck.
- Bill

"Put down those Windows disks, Dave..."
-- HAL
William Stearns ( Mason, Buildkernel, named2hosts,
and ipfwadm2ipchains are at:
LinuxMonth; articles for Linux Enthusiasts!

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