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Compaq has a dual-port ethernet adapter which is based on the Intel 82559
(the chip used in the Intel Etherexpress Pro/100) as well as an addition
module to this adapter with two extra ports usign the same chip. Any ideas
what does the current kernel module say about this card (w/ and w/o the
extra ports)? Has anyone came across this card and is there any plans to
support it (assuming that the eepro100.o driver doesn't work with all the
4 ports enabled, at least) ?

The card is maid for 64-bit PCI but should be pluggable to the ordinary
32-bit bus in which I should use it.

Sorry, I couldn't have tried these myself because I currently don't have
such board... The NIC's name is: Compaq NC3134 and the additional module
is NC3135. There's also older version of this hardware (might be
called NC3131 if I remember right). Useless to mention, Compaq doesn't
have linux drivers for this board.

Riku Järvensivu <>

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