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SubjectRe: 2.2.18Pre Lan Performance Rocks!
> context switches.   profiling Ring 0 Linux vs. NetWare will give me an
> excellent idea of where
> the optimizations will need to be inserted. A straight MARS-NWE port to
> kernel would just
> happen, since we would be able to just load in kernel space and run it
> with no code
> changes.

There are one bunch of people running Linux on a flat memory space with no
protection although their goal was to make Linux run on mmuless embedded

See; the uclinux guys started a 2.4 port recently. Basically
the idea is to have a mm-nommu/ directory which implements a mostly compatible
replacement for the mm layer (obviously stuff like mmap dont work without an
mmu and fork is odd), and a set of binary loaders to load flat binaries with

That I think is the project that overlaps ..

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