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SubjectRe: test10-pre7
Let me see if I have all this straight:

(1) Change Rules.make to use "new style" variables as its native form.
(1A) Add a "Compat.make" for old style Makefiles, and
(1B) Continue to convert all the remaining old style Makefiles.

(2) Go with the "export-objs" style of declaring source files that need
to be run through genksyms. Files never get built just because they
are in $(export-objs); $(export-objs) just determines who gets
processed by genksyms at compile time.

(3) No LINK_FIRST / LINK_LAST. Whatever is in the Makefile gets linked
in that order. We won't use $(sort ...) to eliminate duplicates
(we will continue to handle them another way).

(4) When a multi is built into the resident kernel, the whole multi goes in,
with no splitting into component parts.

Is that your plan, Linus?

I disagree with (3) because I think that initialization order requirements
should be spelled out and documented. But I accept it.

Historical note on (4): as Keith said, I had to split up the multi's in
order to get the components into the OX_OBJS list. But with a more
thorough implementation of (2), this becomes unnecessary.

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