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SubjectRe: test10-pre7

On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, Keith Owens wrote:
> >
> >What would be wrong with just splitting it the other way, ie make OX_OBJS
> >be the expanded (but not ordered) list?
> >
> >That should take care of it, no?
> usbcore.o is both multi part *and* order critical. This is a
> combination that the existing "link order relies on declaration order"
> kludge cannot cope with. It requires an explicit declaration of link
> order, which is exactly what LINK_FIRST implements.

I don't see your point.

I'm saying that EVERYTHING should be order-critical.

It is NEVER acceptable to change the order of object files.

If the Makefile said that the ordering should be

obj-y = usb.o usbcore.o third.o last.o

then the fact that usbcore.o is a multi-part object file SHOULD NOT

We should just link it in the order specified:

ld -r usbdrv.o $(obj-y)

No re-ordering. No expansion of multi-objs. No games. Do what the Makefile
author expected.

In short, we should _remove_ all traces of stuff like

O_OBJS = $(filter-out $(export-objs), $(obj-y))

It's wrong.

We should just have

O_OBJS = $(obj-y)

which is always right.

Then we change the meaning of OX_OBJS, and instead of saying


we just say


and the meaning of $OX_OBJS is the _subset_ of object file that have
SYMTAB objects.

This should all work pretty much as-is, with som every simple
modifications to existing old-style Makefiles, and with some even simpler
modifications to the new-style ones. In fact, it should remove pretty much
all the ugly games that new-style files do.

And it should make all this FIRST/LAST object file mockery a total
non-issue, because the whole concept turns out to be completely

Is there anything that makes this more complex than what I've outlined


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