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Subjectbug or what??
Hi :)

I'd like to report some strange things happening to me since
using kernel 2.2.17 (2.2.15-4mdk was better instead).


The following are strange behaviours, because they only happen
"sometimes" when booting or shutting down!
Sorry, I was not able to determine *when* they happen, I only
know that the configuration is the same boot after boot.

1) Sometimes, after "Welcome to Linux Mandrake", the next 2
lines (which are: "press I to enter interactive startup" and
"mounting proc filesystem") are translated right of about 20
Everyting else is ok.

2) Sometimes, when shutting down (note: reboot is ok,
instead), the computer does not halt automatically, but I see
"power down" and I have to shut it down manually by pushing
the power-off button.
I have set ON the "use apm call to shut down" option, before
compiling the kernel: in fact, it sometimes works.

Can you please tell me what it's all about?


3) A friend of mine, also using Linux Mandrake 7.1 and having
a similar pc, says to have a >900 BogoMIPS indicator, while
mine is <800. Why?!
This also happened with kernel 2.2.15.

4) There is a line (but dmesg does not report it), during the
boot, which says: "Finding module dependencies...", and then
reports an error (FAILED), saying that "ftw.c" reports a false
"assert==0". I'm not sure about this indication, but it is so
fast that I cannot write it down.
However, it does not seem to create particular problems.
Kernel 2.2.15 was ok in this.

5) I'm not able to use supermount, even if I activated the
option before compiling the kernel! Supermount was not ok on
2.2.15, too...
I have tried many different configuration, both working on
LinuxConf or on /etc/auto.misc, /etc/auto.master, /etc/fstab,
Every setting is ok (they are the same with a friend of mine
having a similar pc): partitions, mount points, fs type
"supermount", options are ok, but it is like Linux does not
know what "supermount" means, even if everything seems to be
ok... The "mount" command does not report errors, but whenever
I try to access the unit it seems not to be mounted or not to
exists, while it functions great by mounting/unmounting
I repeat, the configuration files are ok, and the daemons are
correctly installed and fully functional. Do you know of any

I send (as attachments) the report from dmesg and the
configuration file from the current version of the kernel.

Thanks very much ;)

Marco Zanon (powered by Linux Mandrake 7.1)
Coming soon:
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