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Subject[solved] Re: 8139too and curious arp corruption on multi-homed hosts

ok, the mystery solved :) the 8139too interface was plugged into the 4.x
subnet instead of 3.x subnet... ok ok I wear the brown bag or whatever
else is appropriate for the situation :)

Everything works now :)


On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Tigran Aivazian wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Imagine two machines, a laptop with 4 network cards (only 2 relevant here)
> and a desktop with 3 network cards (only 2 relevant here). All NICs are on
> different subnets and different physical networks (a switch and a hub) --
> nothing clever like sharing the same physical network whatsoever...
> Now, the problem is -- the interface on the laptop driven by 8139too NIC
> doesn't work. It generates interrupts but no packets get through.
> tcpdump-ing the situation from the desktop revealed that the 8139too
> interface did not reply to arp requests most of the time. But when the arp
> reply did come through it was registered onto the wrong interface on the
> desktop! Like this (from the desktop):
> # arp -a
> penguin.homenet ( at 00:50:DA:D9:98:E9 [ether] on eth0
> penguin37.homenet ( at <incomplete> on eth1
> cisco.homenet ( at 00:40:F9:17:F6:B2 [ether] on eth0
> penguin37.homenet ( at 00:A0:D2:11:B6:5D [ether] on eth2
> penguin48.homenet ( at 00:D0:B7:23:B4:B8 [ether] on eth2
> penguin37 is the 3.7 interface on the laptop (8139too) and it should talk
> to eth1 (3.1) of the desktop but the arp entry says eth2 (4.8) interface
> which has nothing to do with it. Manually deleting it (arp -d penguin37)
> didn't help -- the eth1 entry still remained <incomplete> and so I can't
> ping penguin37 from desktop and can't ping desktop's "saturn31" (3.1
> interface) from the laptop.
> Any ideas?
> I tried downing/rmmod-ing all other NICs so that no interrupt sharing
> occurs on the 8139too side -- didn't help. All other interfaces (the on
> the laptop function absolutely fine.
> Both machines run 2.4.0-test9-pre9, of course.
> Thanks,
> Tigran
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