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SubjectRe: [PATCH-2.2] Bonding Driver Enhancements + Security fix
Hello Thomas,

I've modified the slaves lists as you suggested to me.
The more I
tried to optimize the code, the more it looked like
2.4's, so it
seems the last one is already optimal. There's no
anymore, and the transmit path in bond_xmit_roundrobin
is far

I have also implemented a second xmit method :
active-backup :
instead of alternating on the slaves, it always emits
on the
same until its link fails, then it chooses the next
good one.
This way, there's only one active device at a time,
and backup
links are still monitored. This is very useful for
high availability
with 2 switches (one link to each one). Of course, I
tried to make
all the backup slaves deaf and for that I set their
NO_ARP flag, to
prevent the switches from seeing the interface at two
places. This may not be enough, but I'll try this
tomorrow on my 2
alteon. So for now, there are two xmit methods :
- round robin (default, or mode=0)
- active-backup (mode=1)

the mode argument should be given to modprobe when
loading the driver
as a module.

For the MII link monitoring, I've set the default to
disable checking,
to avoid any potential breaking of existing
installations. To activate
it, simply pass "miimon=XXX" where XXX is the check
interval in
milliseconds. At 10ms (one check at each jiffy), my
mouse becomes a
bit "jumpy", but 100ms is quite good.

I wanted to write some doc, but I will do tomorrow if
I can find some
spare time. It's too late for me to write something
correct and I must
get up in 3 hours. But I've included your patch.

So for this night, here's my patch against 2.2.17
(should be OK for
2.2.18pre15). I'd like several people to stress-test

> See this:
> for information on the 4 possible trunking
> transmittors.

Thanks a lot, I will take a look.


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