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next try.....

i am still unable to boot off a 2.4-test8 kernel.... until test4 all was
fine, i see the same messages as the now running 2.2.15 kernel,
nevertheless on reaching the init-step, somehow the kernel loses the
interrupt in 2.4-testx....

i did finally identify my chipset, at least i think. I get no response
from the list ... is this due that my problem is so trivial
(then please redirect me to the correct readme...), i do not serve the
correct info's (then please tell me what i should provide), or its not
the right place (same again, please tell me where to post).

i provided the result of hdparm through ftp...

The only difference between the 2.2 Kernel and the 2.4 i can see, is
that 2.4 has a config option for the kernel for my Chipset (Intel PIIX4)....
On startup i have exactly the same messages...

ciao bboett
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