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Subjectcompiling kernel and modules issues
Hello Everyone:

The kernel(2.2.14) seems to be no problem when newly installing RedHat
Then I download new kernel(2.2.17) for updating kernel. Before update I
see the modules are OK in directory /lib/modules/kernel-version.

Then I extract the 2.2.17 kernel source code in the /usr/src and rename
linux to linux-2.2.17 and make symbolic link and delete previous modules
version with command (rm -rf /lib/modules/2.2.14-xxx).After that I
process the following
in /usr/src/linux directory.

make mrproper
make xconfig
make dep
make clean
make modules
make modules_install
edit /etc/lilo.conf and add lilo header.

Then after reboot I only see net directory under new modules directory
/lib/modules/2.2-17.Although I have selected sound and other device
drivers as modules.But they haven't build into modules.So is there any
thing I should pay attention to when update kernel and modules or I can
keep old modules and update modules during xconfig ?

Would anyone tell me how can I update the kernel and modules
simultaneously without losing previous installed modules.Thanks a lot !!

Tom Cheung

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