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SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
Matthew Hawkins wrote:

> One reason I stopped running and recommending Redhat was the inferior
> quality of their packages. They'd ship half-complete, half-assed
> packages and it was concerned end-users who'd have to make their own
> RPMS and kindly make them available to the world, to fix the irritating
> stupid bugs in the default Redhat ones. Of course, some enlightened
> Redhat employee will no doubt tell me I should register bug reports
> about their packages through official channels blah blah blah which is
> no use when you do that and the bug reports are ignored for over six
> months while Redhat are off promoting themselves at one conference ....

Well, being just an end customer, I would not judge technical quality of
packages, but should note that they have been extremely responsive with
the bugs reports I have submitted. The longest wait for a reply I ever had
was 4 days, usually I was geting replies within 48 hours. I guess you were

asking your questions in a language similar to the one you used in your
here :(

Dmitri Pogosyan

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