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SubjectRe: Where did my symbols go?
On Tue, 3 Oct 2000 wrote:

> Hi.
> Sorry if this is an idiotic question, especially if it's one worthy of
> slapping!
> I've been trying to set my system up to have multiple linux "test-bed"
> setups on one drive - That was done easily, I thought. However, my Caldera
> (freebie eDesktop 2.4) distribution won't insmod my driver, saying that a
> load of unresolved symbols exist. The strange thing, is that all the
> symbols, I thought, are supposed to be in the kernel itself. Symbols like
> kmalloc, iounmap, jiffies, printk.......
> I've never come across this problem before. I'm pretty sure that my driver
> isn't the only thing on my Caldera partition that need these symbols!!!!!
> Any lights?
> Does the file have any part in the boot (or module-loading)
> process? I thought it was just a text file that gets produced when the
> kernel is compiled showing humans (or debuggers) where everything is...

just make sure that:

a) you have recompiled the kernel -- distribution-supplied kernels is for
dummies and so using them is silly

b) make sure that neither your newly compiled kernel nor the module are
using modversions. Module versioning is more annoyance-some (heh, a new
English word?) than useful.


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