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- final:
- USB: ohci controller update, round-robin device numbering
- ksymoops moved: document
- sparc updates
- sg.c: get rid of more #ifdef MODULE code
- pre9:
- USB: documentation.
- Yeah. MD/LVM should really be fixed this time.
- SH architecture update
- i810 RNG driver update
- IDE-PCI: make sure we initialize the chipsets correctly
- VIA IDE driver fixes
- VM balancing, part 53761 of 798321
- SCHED_YIELD cleanups
- pre8:
- initialize to zero -> put it in the .bss instead
- no extended dumb serial driver options, if no dumb serial driver
- access() on a special file on a read-only filesystem is special.
- DRM update
- fix SCHED_YIELD problems.
- quintela: fix the synchronous wait on kmem_cache_shrink().
This should fix the mmap02 lockup.
- syncppp got lost in the Makefile reshuffle. Unlose it.
- firewire update
- flock blocking list fix
- correct watchdog initialization order
- USB-storage: reset fixes. Race condition fixes.
- USB: fix freeing already free'd device.
- minix truncate fixes
- USB: pack only the relevant subset, not the whole descriptor (so
as to not create extra unaligned fields).
- nfsfh: DCACHE_NFSD_DISCONNECTED checking typo
- dquota silly bugfix
- sound updates (get rid of check_region, check request_region() instead)
- scsihosts boottime parameter passing
- avoid double init of MD
- eicon ISDN driver update
- fix Cyrix MTRR thinko
- toshiba driver 2.4.x update
- Makefile subdirectory traversal cleanup and documentation
- cciss typos from bad merge fixed
- cdrom driver oops fix for CONFIG_SYSCTL=y CONFIG_PROC_FS=n
- coda initialization - we already did the module_init, no need for
the extra double init.
- pre7:
- USB: remember to release the kernel lock and other updates..
- recognize the k6 model 13: it's a K6-2+ mobile processor.
- file locking deadlock detection bugfix..
- NFSv3 is not really really experimental any more.
- don't raise privileges when re-trying a failed NFS RPM request
- alpha cross-compile fixes..
- sound init cleanups
- shm statistics bugfix.
- nfsd: mark us as a O_LARGEFILE case, so that the VFS allows
the full 64-bit access..
- fix up ac97 codec initialization
- Ingo: clean up VM handling, improve balancing.
- add SGI PCI ID's.
- export the new lock copy/init functions
- cs4281 sound driver
- official Compaq CISS driver.
- pre6:
- TUN/TAP driver: use proper device number (misc device, minor=200).
- teach st.c about some SCSI tapes that really aren't SCSI tapes (OnStream)
- samba 2.2 needs leases for efficient file sharing. They are kind
of like file locks with async IO notification.
- broadcast I/O APIC interrupt MP-tables are legal..
- alpha RTC year magic again..
- careful memory ordering by Andrea..
- make the scsi-generic module work properly again.
- file locking fixes
- update atp ISA net driver
- VIA IDE driver bugfixes
- more linux-2.2 driver sync-ups
- new PCI ids
- emu10k stereo sound fix.
- makefile documentation update
- USB uhci updates
- networking updates
- codafs fixups
- VM UP deadlock fix
- Add Camino chipset ID to eepro100 driver.
- pre5:
- Make SCSI initialization order be same as before.
- fix cardbus bridge resources..
- don't disallow Onstream ide-scsi devices
- byteorder: use statement expressions instead of macros, to avoid argument re-use.
- codafs update
- more USB updates
- _fput/__fput are no longer used.
- ixj telephony driver fixes
- pmac SCSI driver init update
- Andries: net device name allocation as in 2.2.x
- sis900 driver update
- more drivers synced to Alan's 2.2.x changes
- pre4:
- continued SCSI cleanup
- more USB updates
- pre3:
- USB updates
- NFS over TCP - handle TCP socket writability right..
- NFS cache coherency across file locking fix
- floppy: we'd better hold the io_request_lock when playing with "CURRENT".
- acenic driver update
- ARM update (including ARM drivers)
- adfs correct dentry operations
- netfilter update
- networking updates (iipv6 works non-modular etc)
- Sync up with Alans 2.2.x driver changes
- SCSI initialization - move over to the modular case. No more
double initialization.
- block_prepare_write and block_truncate_page: if the page is
up-to-date, then so are the buffer heads inside it once they
are mapped..
- uninitialized == zero. Remove extra initializers.
- pre2:
- scsi fixes
- network updates
- PCI bridge scanning fix: assign numbers properly
- sparc updates
- Riel VM update
- disallow re-mounting same filesystem in same place multiple times.
Too confusing. And /etc/mtab gets strange.
- PPC updates (including PPC-related drivers etc)
- more initcall updates
- various net drvr updates and fixes
- "extern inline" -> "static inline". It doesn't matter right now,
but it's proactive for future gcc versions.
- pre1:
- MM balancing (Rik Riel)
- pcmcia debounce logic. Ugh.
- 3c59x driver update
- SysKonnect gigabit driver update
- ACPI interpreter updates (and file renames - making this part big)
- don't do notifier locking at low level: higher levels do (or
should do) this already.
- truncate unmapped/uptodate case handled correctly
- IDE driver picks up master/slave relationships on its own.
- misc small fixes to random drivers by Tigran
- mktime(). Do it just once - not 16 times.
- NFS sillyrename fixups
- acenic update
- epic100 credits, 8139too driver update, sr.c initcalls
- name clash in hamradio/pi2.c and hamradio/pt.c
- sparc64: register window race. Non-deadlock rwlocks.
- USB: storage update
- USB: OHCI controller unlink and bandwidth reclamation fixes

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