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SubjectRe: 32-bit pid_t / security
> S/390 folks run 70,000 sessions active within the same 60 second period off
> one big box. Not on Linux (yet ;)) but its worth bearing in mind.

Yes, but they don't do it with 70000 separate processes (or "address
spaces" to use the 390 terminology). They have a few processes/address
spaces accepting a transaction, processing it, and spitting out the
result. (Or, in some cases, accepting a transaction, processing it,
issuing an async disk I/O requerst, and then doing another transaction
while the first disk I/O waits). (Think of, say, a Web Server, which
might be providing service for thousands of simultaneous clients, with
just a relative handfull of web server daemon processes running.)

I don't think 70000 Unix login users, or 70000 TSO users, or 70000
processes/address spaces of any kind, would fly.

Not that I have a problem with 32 bit process IDs.

-- Brett
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