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SubjectRe: Request for net guru help: waitqueue oops
On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Petko Manolov wrote:
> None of these can sleep. netif_*_queue routines are quite simple.
> They are all atomic so there is no need to protect them with locks.

Ok. I originally had them outside locks as they appeared to be atomic. I
moved them in incase they were the cause of the problem.

> It is not clear from the example above if it is needed to lock in
> the timer routine and what is locked inside. Anyway be careful
> about locking regions shared between interrupts/bottom halves and
> user context as this happens often.

The timer routines (there are 4) are used to switch hardware states and
must therefore be mutually exclusive with respect to the interrupt handler.
There are no bottom halves used in this driver. Andrew Morton suggested
that the problem could be in my use of the skb pointers, which seems
a likely candidate. I'll check that.

-- Hans

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