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SubjectRe: Xircom problems with test9-preX
Tom Sightler wrote:
> Hi all,
> My Xircom RBEM56G-100 almost completely stops working in the latest test9-pre8
> and pre9 versions. It will still get an IP address via DHCP, but that's it, no
> pings or anything.
> It works mostly correctly with test8 (quits responding when leaving promisuous
> mode, and seems to hang under heavy load/collisions, but these are problems you
> can usually live with).
> Backing out the attached patch returns it to the previous, mostly working
> condition.

This patchlet was selectively taken from the latest pcmcia-cs
(3.1.21-beta). It made my NIC work correctly - without this patch the
Xircom NIC incorrectly enters half-duplex mode with disastrous
performance consequences.

But it broke yours completely, so I guess the hunk should be backed out
until David has a chance to do a full merge. Are you able to test with
the latest pcmcia-cs package?

A number of people (esp. David) have spent a lot of time trying to make
the Xircom driver work correctly. It's being a real problem.
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