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SubjectRe: [PATCH-2.2] Bonding Driver Enhancements + Security fix
> rename bond_xmit to bond_xmit_roundrobin, so
> bond_xmit_xor can be implemented, and used if
> desired. bond_xmit_xor is what cisco
> etherchannel/sun trunking really uses, not round
> robin.

how does their xor method work ? do you know about an
RFC stating about this, that I could read ? I'm
really interested in this since I must propose a
completely redondant switch/server solution for a big
project here. The more I will know about their trunk,
the best I may be able to do :-)

> Remove the variable counters from the xmit loop..

at first, I wanted to code it exactly this way, but
I then realize that the comparison to zero is simpler
for the CPU than a comparison between 2 pointers. But
in fact, it's one less variable so one less register.

> Make it more like:

I'll do it this morning.
If I have some spare time, I'll implement an
active/backup mode for two interfaces connected to 2
different switches, with a "deaf" backup. Perhaps I'll
also disable the MII monitoring by default to avoid
breaking existing implementations.

> I'd also like to get the help included.. see
> attached patch for that!

ok thanks, I'll do. If you agree, I'll also modify the
documentation to explain how to use link monitoring.


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